Monday, June 05, 2006

Lowell Sesquicentennial Banquet

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Oh My, Do I Feel Guilty !

I've never gotten around to putting up the images and such for this post, and I spelled sequicentennial wrong. BTW, the blooger spell checker doesn't know this word, I had to check it in Word.exe. Anyway, as soon as it is raining hard or snowing hard I will get around to fixing the missing stuff. In the meantime, fire prep and mining take precedence. written 2007 10 28.

Went to it Saturday night and had a wonderful time !

Great chance to see in person many of the great people I worked with at Lowell, as I did my part to bring the oldsters kicking and screaming into the Internet Age, and basically kept the road plowed so that the youngsters could charge forward, my own daughter included. I met students now in their 30's, well into successful careers, like a programmer turned Rederal Reserve watchdog. I met teachers still negotiating/battling recalcitrant impoverished taxpayers and their henchpersons, the Fortress Franklin administration.

I met my fellow retirees, most of whom are still very active, often doing volunteer work, like Ed Lehman, who tenderly puts microscopes back into working order for the Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences. I missed seeing Holly Giles and a bunch of others, but was once again in the august presence of Maud Pearson-Green. I really wish I had had triple the time to talk with everyone. I even met one of KK's sixth grade teachers, who was thrilled to learn what she was up to.

I was greatly entertained by Flossie Lewis and Michele Winters, truly incredible and humorous teachers, and listened to yet one more sterling performance by the American Idol ready group of students in music and drama. The food was excellent, the parking superb, and the roads between here and their are in far worse condition than I remembered. I'll probably post some pictures/videos soon. Hat's off to Terry Abad, Jack Anderson, Paul Lucey, Pete Dahl, and all the rest who made it possible !

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