Friday, June 09, 2006

Net Neutrality, WeSaySO Corporation Hates It !

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In a threat to American ideals far worse than 9/11, Biggie Communication Corporations of America have gotten the House to pass a COPE bill which gives them the ability to kill three birds at once.

It allows them to charge a premium for Americans to communicate via the Internet. basically giving Biggie Corp the fast lanes on the Net, and even freezing out ma and pa radical on their soapbox, and slowing down class neutral family relations stuff. They are already making money through phone bills and the like. Those rates are under the control of Public Utility Commissions, and this bill would by pass that, and make new rates for data transmission.

In addition, apparently the would be in a censor's position of deciding who can even send anything. If you say "ATT sucks," ATT doesn't have to send it. This is in total violation of the principle of free speech. Even the Christians are up in arms about this, as it would allow for the institution of a state controlled, consumer boost-up church, dedicated to passive, "buy, buy, buy, don't rock the boat, don't believe anything that might wreck the money making machines of the already rediclously rich folks."

The third part of the this nastiness is an effort to void out locally produced shows from getting air or cable or dish time on the Big Boys' equipment, effectively shuting down Nevada County's NCTV's local Nevada Union football, Christian, political, nature, and music shows, all locally produced and currently carried by the cable co. Why attack them ? The same reason as everything else, in California and elsewhere. The rich view the rest of us as consumers to be harvested of dollars. Local access does not generate dollars in their pockets, and so out it goes. In fact, if people watch ad-less local access television, they are not watching Biggie's Corps shows and sponsors.

No corporation should ever be allowed to pay for lobbying once it gets to $100,000,000 a year in gross income ( a lower figure might be "even better"). It is just absurd that we allow these mega giants to run our lives, even after they've obviously gotten a good return for their investors.

One very obvious effect will be to shut up Americans, from the far left, to the loony bin, to the far right. None of this "waste of time" would be encouraged, as corporate American has figured out that people blogging and trading pictures, and talking politics, are not people paying attention to their advertising and watching mainstream tv. I'm sure UTube was the last straw for corporate America.

I have donated $9.11 to I strongly recommend that you all do the same.

Here's a joke for astronomers and the like:

"What a big, dangerous, reptile that flies through space and carefully plots its course as it goes ?"

"An Astro-gator"

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