Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Used Worthless CD's ? Send Them to Me ! Solar Rocks !

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If you take enough CD's and line an old Sat dish with them, you have a concentrated solar power device. You can also easily build a dish structure from fence lath (1 1/2" x 1/4" wood by 8 feet long)and pin them to that. In time they will corrode and lose power, but are easily replaced.

Concentrated solar power in the desert areas of the world can be used to generate heat which can be used to make hydrogen gas, which can be liquified and stored and then transported to where energy is needed. If 1 % of the deserts of the world were used this way (at 100% efficiency), the amount of hydrogen generated would have enough power to completely REPLACE all other electric power sources.

Watch Current.TV or go to or Friends of the Earth for more information.

If you want to send me CD's for a prototype, email me for a physical addy. Use comment section if you can figure out how to email.


Shawn Tuttle said...

What a great idea for old CD's! I can see this as a community supported project, ex. "drop off CDs at the collection box at the library".

Announcing the drop offs could also be continued opportunities for education.

I knew there was a good recycled use for these things!

SkiTheStars said...

It would certainly be more interesting to know your old cd's would do more than just get ground up. BTW, for those concerned with the security of sensitive data, a simple scatch or a burn mark will make the CD's unreadable.