Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wall Street Journal Reads Maps Weirdly

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Now I suppose it is possible that some hanky-panky is going on, but the article does not document nor link to the amounts above $45,000. Given their description of being under the flight path of SFO, miles away, next to a freeway which is really an expressway and not heavily used, and basically a rundown hovel, in a working class neighborhood where the median price is well above $500,000, and where the Pacific Ocean is less than 800 feet away (admittedly 500 feet down). Click on the map to enlarge it.

I have an old friend in Lafayette, CA. His donations of the max available by him and his wife, to the most liberal of candidates, stand out like a sore thumb at the Huffington Post, in a sea of Republicans. He came from working class roots, but became a tax attorney to compensate, and was wildly successful. Why not investigate him ? Or perhaps invest the energy in investigating the Bush/Cheney/Oil/Arabs/Rove/Halliburton links ?

BTW, the Daly City area is just one of many covered by all of the flight paths in and out of SFO. How did you last leave SFO? If you were headed East, I doubt you went West.

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Anna said...

If it was a one-time thing, sure. But this was part of a "Fugitive Felon Bundles Donations" pattern. It wasn't an isolated incident.