Wednesday, August 15, 2007

White Roof Saves Gas, Is More Comfortable ! dsc07298_std

The temperature inside the cab is much cooler with this $300 paint job. The metal of the roof is at least 30 degrees cooler than the metal on the hood, after an hour sitting in the sun. Do this for yourself, your pets, and the planet. The CHP, the California Highway Patrol, figured this out ages ago. Side benefit, other cars are a bit more cautious around you, they think you might be one....

PS, Please credit Douglas Keachie for this concept and photo. All rights released for photo only, I just might try to patent this :)

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Anna Haynes said...

Hey, who did the paint job? And would they be willing to have a volume discount, if we could round up 10 cars that needed the same treatment?
(the next Global Cooling Cafe is coming up, and it'd be a nice thing to be able to bring up as a possible action a bunch of people could take - AND as a visual indicator it's more meaningful than a bumpersticker...)