Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Unattended Mailbox" Let the Revolution Begin with Me!

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Got another email from some stupid survey group, that wound up with, "don't try to reply, the mailbox is unattended.."

Sort of the ultimate in your face note. Guess what? I just created a filter in Eudora, my mail client, that looks at the body of the text of every incoming email. If it detects the word "unattended" it transfers the email to a folder called "zzz_unattended" because 99.9% of the time such emails put me to sleep, and are a waste of time. Now a quick glance and they are trashed as a group, without wasting my time. I won't even see them unless I open that folder.

You give me an unattended mailbox, I give you an unattended folder to sleep in. What's fair is fair.

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