Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Response for George Rebane

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(The following was written in response to a hacked story posted as a comment on George Rebane's blog.)

What isn't in The Union newspaper is that Lucas himself had no beef with amateur stills. Within 3 weeks a search for Sith on, show 70,000 different pictures from the movie posted. Obviously no other patrons of theaters were arrested, once the bounty was claimed.

What else isn't in the Union and Getz isn't mentioning is that the MPAA had set up a bounty for the first "filmer" caught. So well oiled was the machine that it was not The Union that scooped the story, but rather an AP reporter out of San Francisco.

There is no doubt in my mind that Getz called MPAA immediately and they called the reporter, and he had it on the wire across 300 outlets before The Union could even get a reporter to give me a call. What did Getz do with his bounty, and how come he goes around begging the public for money to repaint the mural? Seems to me it would be a good use of the cash.

BTW, case diverted, 30 hours community service at a non profit I volunteer for anyway. Big Deal, no mugshot, camera and photos returned intact, guess they could see where they might have been sued, I've got better things to do.

Like enjoy the investment in our home theater, since we no longer go to any Getz theaters. Should I ever get an apology, we'll reconsider. We are neighbors on the North San Juan Ridge (3 air miles, but there's only 3,000 people up here).

Lemme Guess, AR or AlwaysRyghty of The Union posted this story. BTW, check the GVPD logs, I surrendered myself to them, after the movie was over, 3 blocks away. No use of video was ever found.

My wife adds that the new laws (1996, I think) for teachers allow for "fair use," and I am still active in my profession, as is she.

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