Thursday, August 06, 2009

Elders Running for Jails for Medical Care

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So let's house these two awful threats to society in jail for a couple of years at a cost of what? Just the thing we need to help our economy. More jails to build, more guards, and apparently a lot of medical care, which is what, 40% of the cost housing a prisoner? It does keep a lot of people employed, taking care of them, but you know, I don't see any net gain here, just more taxes, from the few remaining citizens who actually produce stuff that can be sold and used to reduce our trade deficit.

Pretty soon, given the medical needs of our aging population, and the insistence by Repubbys on keeping the insurance companies at the hog trough, elders will get themselves busted to take care of their medical needs and to avoid being homeless and sick. Put those 80 million numbers in your economic pipes and smoke it, conservy Republicans!

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