Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Town Hall Rt Wingnuts Have No Evidence of "Rationing, etc."

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The truth is, anyone smart enough to have an opinion that should be respected is also smart enough to dig up the health care bill, and do a search for "euthanasia," "rationing," and "death panel" so as to make cogent arguments with references.

Likewise, anyone smart enough to reference implied items above, should be capable of searching the documents for the words they claim lead to such implications. If you can't Google well enough to do these kinds of searches, and the radio hosts and their researchers can't Google well enough to find the passages that reference such implied activities (and then post the notes on their pages for easy use by their toadies) then such passages most likely DO NOT EXIST, and those HOLDING OPINIONS about NON-EXISTENT PASSAGES can be completely ignored, and town hall meeting can be held on-line, and the ranters comments can be moved around like demonstrators at a Bush appearance.


Don Pelton said...

I agree with you.

Here are a bunch of cartoons illustrating the some essential truths about the wingnuts:


Anna Haynes said...

Don, I came here to provide some Daily Kos links too - namely,

10 reassurances/promises to the fearful;

How to produce better behavior at the meetings;

and a flyer to print and distribute.

Do you know if we get a meeting, or is McClintock going to lay low on this?

Don Pelton said...

I called Tom McClintock's local office today ((916) 786-5560) and asked whether he has plans for a town hall meeting anytime soon. I was told that he has just one scheduled, Saturday, September 5th at 4 PM at:

Cameron Park Community Center
2502 Country Club Drive (next to the library)
Sponsored by the League of Women Voters

For the congressman, that's a comfortable 50+ miles from Grass Valley/Nevada City.

Anna Haynes said...

Thanks Don!

dyana said...

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