Monday, August 17, 2009

Where's the Flaw, George Rebane?

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If conservatives wanted to do away with paying for aliens, they could pass laws jailing any employer who hired one.

Oh horrors! National ID cards!

I'm sorry, but the private sector has beat the government to this sort of thing. In resetting my password with Chase Mortgage, in addition to my social and Mortgage #, they verified who I was by asking me which age range my daughter was in, and gave me several choices. They knew her name, and apparently her actual birthdate. I had NEVER given them any information about her. So how did they know? They have access to public records they said. I guess that means they scanned DMV for others living at our address.

As Bill Joy said some years back, "Privacy, forget it! You don't have any."

National biometric ID's won't be any worse than where we are now. And it would, with jail terms for employers, wipe out the money the illegals come here for. Where's the flaw, George?


Don Pelton said...

I remember when Bill Joy said that. I thought -- and still think -- he was an ass for saying it.

RE: Illegals, Thom Hartmann is fond of saying that we have an illegal EMPLOYER problem.

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