Friday, February 19, 2010

Engineers vs Social Scientists

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There's been quite an interesting battle going on at The Union newspaper in the commenting area, working the gay vs. Fundy angle. This is my last post in that area.

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It is entirely possible the critter known as Mom of Four is actually an engineer of a rightish persuasion who feels that his areas of expertise are God's highest gifts to humanity, and that he has been entertaining himself by pretending to be a halfwit social scientist.

While exploring the root sources of existence itself are notable endeavors, and you can always get reportable results of some kind when smashing sub atomic pumpkins together with the extreme expenditures of energy and resources, I wish to note here that looking for the root sources of human conflict and ways to ameliorate them is actually an even higher calling, precisely because the problems are more difficult and the answers are more elusive.

More on this concept later.

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