Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why We've had a 1/3rd Dropout Rate for 80 + Years

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From a psychological point of view, it is not hard to understand the 1/3rd dropout rate that never goes away. From the beginning, 1st grade and up, kids are "graded." Not surprisingly, those at the top of the scale, tend to stay there, and so on.

After 8 to 10 years of humiliation at being on the bottom, those kids say, "enough is enough, I'm out of here." Classes where they can be rewarded for achievements outside the reading, writing, and math skills sets, sadly seem to be the first to be chopped. Art, music, and voc ed cost more money, but pay back by generating islands of success for the kids at the bottom, and give them reason to live, and a chance to rub shoulders and even surpass the academic breadwinners. Overall, they raise all boats, and allow for for more than just the high SAT performers to feel good about themselves, and to go on to serve themselves and society better

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