Friday, February 05, 2010

Foothill Snobbery Club

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(A Response to a poster who complained about "flatlander bicyclists" riding in pairs.)

I have never encountered a pair of bicyclists who did not promptly single file themselves, allowing me to get by easily. Seems to me that in terms of being, "down to earth," those closer to the center of the planet would have an edge over those who place themselves on high pedestals, raised SUV's, etc..

By the very act of proclaiming themselves "better" because they were "born" here, the members of the Foothills Snobbery Club display their lack of maturity. Just because I was born in San Francisco, and just because it was founded 50 plus years before Grass Valley even saw the white man, and just because we are world class famous, and have more spectacular earthquakes, and a rapid transit that works, it doesn't make me any better than members of the fussy FSC's.

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