Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"What Have They Done, to the Rain?"

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The plant should have been dumped on with nuclear kitty litter instantly, but as I pointed out before, it is possible that they are worried about accidentally jamming so much of this somewhat lower than a nuke bomb material into to one place, that they would get what is known in the trade as a “fizzle.” A nuke explosion that blows the material apart so quickly that it is not a real nuclear explosion as we think of one.

Instead, it would be like the first North Korean explosion, or even a little less.

Sounds harmless?

No, it would be like dumping several container loads of TNT into the middle of tons of radioactive material, sending it skywards like a massive explosion in an open pit mine.

The problem we have now is that the monitoring seems to just be reading geiger counters, instead of attempting to gather the actual particles, which would tell us with much more precision, how much air do we have to breathe before we inhale a particle of what size?

That’s the coldly withheld information, that prevents total panic and pitchforks at every nuke plant producer we have and the White House and Congress.

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