Thursday, April 07, 2011

On Bike Paths

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Motorists are merely pedestrians who have transformerized themselves in massive, blind dinosaurs that run amuck on our common right-a-ways, bullying and terrorizing everyone in sight.

Way to go, Henry Ford!

The trees could stay and the bike/pedestrian path could go around them, with the state paying for and maintaining attractive fences to the private properties involved, and also paying the owners for the eminent domain exercise.

Way back when, when cars first started using the common right-a-ways, and motorists then said they would pay to pave them, some far sighted folks saw what was coming, the complete thievery of the right-a-ways for motorists only. Well, they were right! Motorists should have been forced to pony up for their own roads, and not just for paving the commons. So now, it is time for the motorists to pay to replace those right-a-ways with bike and horse paths everywhere.

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