Thursday, April 07, 2011

Government & Media Misleading About Radiation, More Lies

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More stupidity, from professionals who should know better.

Everyone knows that the amounts of radioactivity released by the stuff in the air is bare minimal above background radiation.

What you are not being told is that when one small clump of radioactive molecules of I-131 lands in your lungs and makes its way to your thyroid, which wants Iodine, radioactive or not, that clump stays there, in one place.

Background radiation shoots particles totally at random, as far as your body is concerned.

That small clump of I-131 will be taking potshots, shotgun blasts, machine gun Kelly style, at the same cells over and over again.

They will experience changes in their DNA and RNA, and will die, cease to function correctly, or turn cancerous. It won't happen to everyone, it won't happen all at once, but if it happens to YOU, what do you care if chances are statistically few?

Half life of 8 days? Yup, but the remaining one half keeps on shooting. 8 days later, same thing, for YEARS.

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Anna Haynes said...

Remaining one half becomes a quarter within another 8 days, and so on.