Saturday, June 04, 2011

Equitable Inheritance Taxes

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leave 25,000 with no taxes, $25,001 to $100, 000 with 5%, then $100,000 to $250,000 at 5% more, and with each doubling of the previous amount considered, 5% more.

75,000 at 5%
next $150,000 at 10%
next $300,000 at 15%
next $600,000 at 20%,
next $1,200,000 at 25%
next $2,800,000 at 30%
next $5,600,000 at 35%
next $11,200,000 T 40%
next $22,400,000 at 45%
next $44,800,000 at 50%
and so on.

and include a medical clause where all monies left for the medical/rest home care of a person are tax free. Once person is dead, remainder goes to gov.


Mia said...

Because I am somewhat lazy, at what amount does it become 100% going back to the society that allowed you to make that much money? Thanks!

Nikki said...

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Debra Duke said...

Read your blog and my blood pressure didn't go up. I think I will continue if you don't mind?