Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Towards a More Complete Commenting Rating System

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This is a computer world. Computers are very good at noting numbers, totaling them, and presenting results.

Thumbs up and thumbs down are very simplistic ratings. The end user could have many more choices, and posts could easily have an extensive dashboard.

One through 10, agree or disagree,

Is this comment worthy overall?
is this comment presented in a non sexist, non racist, non genderist, non churchist way?
Is this comment well argued?
Does this comment present novel notions?

Presented on the same dashboard, you could have a rating of the rater.

Average overall ratings of all comments, in each category.
Average ratings of this commenter, for the person making the rated comment, in each category.
Total number of posts and comments made, and average ratings, by everyone.

Do the same for the person whose comment is being judged.

Computers would have no trouble doing all this automatically and accurately

Humans might prefer to have it all available in a popup box, so it an be ignored. To avoid the go along with the crowd effect, the commenter must make his/her judgements before seeing other people’s judgements.

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