Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Examples: 1984 Double Speak

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UPS has been selling vendors on a new mailing scheme, and tries to tell them is is just as good as first class mail, but is one day slower.

USP even admits it is a slower process.

“Domestic Mail Process

Using the reliability and strength of the UPS network, the U.S. Postal Service, our extensive national network of processing facilities, proprietary software, and technology enables us to consistently achieve domestic average transit times comparable to First Class Mail® plus one day on all qualified mail”
comparable times PLUS ONE DAY is not comparable times. Orwell Speak example number 3,453,324.

On my bottle of Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness”

100% Natural

Blend of 5 not from concentrate and
from concentrate juices/purees.

It is printed just like that. Why not just say, “Blend of 5 juices/purees, concentrated and non concentrated.”
BTW, what is a puree? watered down or mixed with sugar, etc.? On the list of ingredients EVERYTHING is listed as from concentrate, except for the banana puree.

And then there’s my Nestle’s Toll House cookie dough roll. On the side, it warns:


yeah, right!....................

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Anna Haynes said...

Puree means it's _not_ just the juice, which means that nutritionally it's better. The one to look out for is "filtered juice" which is as close to sugar as they can get.