Saturday, November 12, 2011

Population Control 1A

Technorati Profile Population control in the USA can be done as follows: Money is put into a college/education fund account every month from age 13 to age 23, for everyone in those age ranges, subject to the following conditions. For girls, it's "don't get pregnant." BTW, 5% of that amount is given directly to the individual as spending cash, again on a monthly basis. For boys, they have to give a sample of their DNA, to match up any unwanted pregnancies. In the case of either sex, having a pregnancy happen, kicks you out of the program for one year, and 25% of what you've saved up is redistributed to those who have not screwed up. This way their are strong incentives to avoid pregnancy at the most important time, and to get an education, and to learn to manage money.

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