Monday, May 07, 2012

Pruett's Blog Finally Posted This, as it is Nanny-Gated.

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My response to Pruett's Panic over Beason listing Nevada City as his home town.

I was born in SF, lived in LA til age 5, raised in Berkeley to 17, moved to Rocklin for 2 years at Sierra, back to Berkeley for Cal, over to Marin for 10 years, back into San Francisco for 15, bought up here, stayed on working in SF, have lived here full time since Aug 2004.  Please tell me, what is my hometown?  And how long has Mr. Beason lived up here?

And here is the real test of the validity of upteen generations family here.  Would you vote for Mr. Beason, a known quantity, or someone drawn at random from the pool of folks who were born here?  Sue McGuire has more than enough talents to impress me without dragging her pedigree into the mix. And so does Beason, let them run on their qualities, not their lineage.

Mr Pruett did publish it, but has yet to respond to it.  Neither has anyone else, I think I covered the bases pretty good.  Non issue in today's world.

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