Friday, May 04, 2012

The Stuff I Have to Put Up With.

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  The stuff I have to put up with, when blogging in support of our schools, at Rebane's Blog:

Money should follow the student wherever the student goes as long as the academics measure up to the lowest acceptable public school."

The implication here is is very plain, some schools are unacceptable to GG. He wrote this, and made no mention of any other judges of "lowest acceptable public school."

"I've never, ever, written anything like 'public schools are unacceptable'."

Oh really?

The GVSD and Pleasant Valley districts are, in contrast, failing academically," "I've never, ever, written anything like 'public schools are unacceptable'" ~GG~

So schools that are "failing academically" are acceptable to GG? The bulk of your writings would suggest otherwise.

Would you like to talk about slander and FALSEHOOD, written by GG, try this on for size.

"Russ, "Runts" is a brand spanking new sock puppet*. Smells like Keachie." ~GG~

GG is into weird stuff, like smelling socks (and getting it WRONG) by his own admission.

"Acceptable to the ed bureaucracy is any accredited school" Your clarification about who is doing the accepting is very late to the party, in a comment posted well after my comment asking you what was an "acceptable school."  Nice try, but your litter box has a problem. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of your typical writing style?

Local control I sure will find a way to have boards that are 100% "numeracy literate." at a level satisfactory to both GGand George, such that they can make decisions about which calculus books and software to buy.

BTW, enjoying your subscription, GG?

" in blog lingo, a sock is a person using an anonymous name, in this case GG thought a brand new persona using an anonymous name, a "sock," was me when it was in reality another person, who self identified, when GG when ballistic on the subject.

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