Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summary of 2nd Amendment Arguments

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So far I have shown that a rogue government would collapse the economy, and put itself out of business. You have also shown that such a government would be toothless, as no American military of LE would fire on fellow Americans. 

But if said rogue government did function, this is not Vietnam of WWII Europe. There have been serious innovations, and those innovations live right next door to the targets, not on the other side of the planet. Much simpler logistics.

 I have shown that hordes from the city would quickly get creative and use Molotov cocktails delivered mortar style, where even 50 calibre machine guns can't reach them (just over a small rise), or would resort to 18 wheelers crashing into fortress stick frame house, to get at your can goods. 

 There are 37,000,000 Californians, which would swarm like the critters in the matrix, all over Mendocino and Gardnerville, etc. I've shown that the 500,000 deer in California are to be shot by stealth, not semi-auto fire, and will be very quickly consumed by 37,000,000 Californians. 

Also, you going to fire such a weapon when 37,000,000 Californians are looking for food? That's a "come and get it signal" to anyone within a half mile. Arrows would be much stealthier and saner. After al this you're still suggesting "you gotta have a gun that can kill 10 kids in 5 seconds? You are out of your cotten picken minds!

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