Monday, August 28, 2006

Austrian Oslo Syndrome, Tags are Us

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I now realize that technorati gives you one chance to get indexed, and that changing your post, without adding a new post, does not index anything further, regardless of how many times you ping them. Accordingly the first part of this post is a set of tags, updated, that actually go with the previous post. So here you go, now skip back one post, read the runway safety suggestions, and then return here for the Oslo syndrome stuff.

"Tags: Lexington, Kentucky Blue Grass Airport, Conair, Comair, CRJ-100 jet, Flight 5191, National Transportation Safety Board, FAA, NTSB, Federal Aviation Administration, crash, disaster, Conan O'Brian, awards, NBC, miStAKE, SKETCH, SKIT, SAFETY SUGGESTIONS, runway improvements, tarmack, lights"


New tags for Austrian girl who was imprisoned: Oslo syndrome, denial, trapped, fell in love with captor, mourned captor's death, didn't think she missed much. What can I say other than that I watched this happen to a near relative, who STILL, seven years after the death of the captor, hasn't learned/appreciated/understood what was done to her, or why, and she continues to make bad choices based on an Oslo syndrome background. She denies herself her true father and her children their natural and loving grandfather, who has always been there for her and them.

I will say that a series of Marin / Sonoma evangelical "Christian" churches helped the captor, and continue the tragedy onto the next generation even as I write, "saving souls" is more important than family relationships to error that will pain even Jesus to forgive. The captor has taught intolerance well, and, from the depths of an inkwell my relative can only dimly grasp what she's lost. Within Intellectualle there doth dwell a soul unusualle and fine, but star-crossed by the times and Ronald Howard Lewin's crimes...

BTW, is the Flying Clipper (Think Pan American Airways) Hawaaian continuing Ronald's legacy, and the control......break free and dare to be thee !

further tags: psychology, Esalen, therapy, encounter groups, healers, Dr. Freeman

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