Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting Suggestions Noticed, Universal New Ideas Bank

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In my previous post I discussed an idea for traffic safety. I sent it as a letter to the editor of the local paper. I also posted it at a government site called but I wonder if it will get noticed.

Wikipedia is all fine and good if you topic has been published already somewhere, and you are just rephrasing it, but it is no good for little guys with brand new ideas.

We need a Clearing House for Brand New Ideas. We need a space where anybody can post after registering. yes, there will be a lot of crank stuff. It can be tagged as such, along with the type of crank. What is cranky to the right may be brillant to the left, and vice versa.

We also need a system where a group of members can stop postings by universal idiots.

Person A posts idea #1 with a suggested classification or set of tags (technorati/html). If 5 other persons all trash the content as nothing new or rediculous, then the concept goes to the warning bin. Anything in the warning bin can be filtered out in a search for ideas. Items in the warning bin can be permanently deleted by 25 more members in good standing voting them off. Members in good standing must be contributing members or commenting members, who don't spend all day deleting anything and everything.

Assuming Idea #1 stays legitimately posted, others may make comments, just like any blog. variations on idea #1 can be maintained in a family tree for examination. Retagging or tag modification should also be possible. This is just a very rough sketch of the concept, so please bear with me.

Eventually it would be obvious which ideas are attracting the most attention, and like TTLB they could be ranked. All in all, and EBay of new ideas, it is.

Yoda's Codas are like Holly's Tomales

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Anna said...

testing your commenting system - a comment I tried to make 3 months ago never showed and just bounced back today, so am not optimistic...

btw you could try globalideasbank, halfbakery, or the sadly neglected brainstorming-nc blog for local stuff.