Saturday, May 12, 2007

Missing..A Practical Use for

Missing, originally uploaded by slimdandy.

I was looking up "contact information" to see how vulnerable my listing would be when I came across this image and caption. Since I'm not sure if the caption carrys through, I'll repeat it here.

"This beautiful Celebration of Light , joy and love is MISSING. Her name is Madeleine and was last seen in Algarve, Portugul. She has been abducted. Please be aware that she could be anywhere by now. Be on the lookout! Blessings to Madeleine and her family.
Contact information:"

If there was a way for Flickr to verify via police affadavit the true status of a kid's picture posted to a Missing Children Area, it might be a Godsend to finding such children and reuniting them with their true parents.

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