Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CSPAN and Blogging: A Disconnect ???

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I've started watching more of CSPAN.

I just sorta figured there must be a pile of people who watch and kibitz on line as they go.

"CSPAN Blogging"

Effectively, "0" hits on google and on technorati.

Amazing !

Nobody does this. I'm so disappointed.

Live on now.......

We've got a couple of people arguing that the inheritance tax is going to go to 55%......and, unspoken, for everybody down to the lowliest welfare case. I wonder if there are vbulletin boards on the topic. Watch and kvetch ! in real time. Poke holes in the obviously rigged charts. Insist that all the original data be available on line, over a much greater timeline than the representer has chosen to use to make his point. Congressmen busily herding sheep. Great liars ! Lying by omission, the best way ! The America they believe in....

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