Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Instant Feedback for the Public & Congress on CSPAN

Technorati Prof

I notice that the American public can watch Congress at work on CSPAN.

It would seem to me that it would be very interesting to set up a site that would enable voters to vote pro or con in real time on the issues being discussed live.

Voters should also be able leave comments and send emails from the same website to the Congresspeople. The peoples' vote should be visible as a running tally in the corner of the CSPAN screen, and, on-line, the votes should be visible by state. This would give the people a notion of how many others are concerned, and which way they are voting. Of course, the polls would favor those not working regular jobs, and it might be needed to have a filter or breakdown. Access via cellphone could offset the elder effect. One vote per email, check for human filters in place, as well as multiple sends from same IP addy.

I'd also like to see the breakdown by industry and individuals of a given speaker on screen when they are talking, so we see who's money is talking. Does Allard of Colorado have a particularly large contribution from the PharmCos ?

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