Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why I Blog These Things..

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...when it appears nobody is paying any attention....??????

Because I do believe in my ideas. I do believe they would improve the world. I do believe that some of them will be implemented someday. I believe they will make for a better, saner, safer, more enjoyable world for my grandchildren. It is entirely possible that none of this will come to pass, but if you do not try, then it will absolutely not come to pass, and if your distant offspring look back, you don't want them saying, "he didn't even try...." As Newton said, "I stand on the shoulders of giants." We all owe the past, we all pay forward to the future, if we are to have any sense of self-esteem. What will your legacy be ?

For the most part, nobody told anybody in history how important their ideas and productions would be, at the time they made them. "nice work, DaVinci, the check's in the mail...." is about all anyone can hope for, for now.


Anonymous said...

how about tagging all your "ideas" posts (with a single tag), so that an occasional visitor can view them all in 1 swell foop?

Make it easier for others to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

p.s. check wikipedia for "ideas bank" if you haven't already; websites are standing by...

SkiTheStars said...

Thanks for pointing out the ideas bank search. That saves me a lot of time, doing a task on my "round-tu-it" list.

As for tagging these posts, I will have to also find time to learn exactly how and what's the best tag to use. I may have subdivisions...traffic, power, etc