Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Arrogance of Microsoft Revisted

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In order to try and preserve my privacy/security I of course have to have the full automatic Microsoft updater functioning, even though it leave me feeling insecure when ZoneAlarm tells me there's a maxi download going on. For some stupid reason Microsoft doesn't see any reason to let you know with an Icon or something or an advance email that they will be updating your system. I actually unplugged the phone on several occasions before I realized it was just Gates barging in unannounced.

Now however, they've gone a step further.

My Start Menu has always had Word at the top, followed by Excel. I use these programs a lot, but these are my only uses out of the regular MS lineup. Today I go to Start and head for the top and click, only to see at the last second that I am activating MS Office Toolbar instead of Word. I did nothing to initiate such a change. I DON"T WANT SUCH A CHANGE. Shame on the perps of the change, which can be none other than MS.

After a bit of twittering I got it off my screen. I like an empty screen, and like to go fetch what I want, when I want it. The Start key works just fine for me. I DO NOT LIKE DICTATOR GATES DECIDING FOR ME WHAT'S ON MY SCREEN UNINVITED, UNNEEDED, and TOTALLY ANNOYING. Now I have to go find Word and return it to its rightful place. And wonder if that Office Toolbar reference can even be removed....

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