Friday, July 27, 2007

Help TSA Spot Bombs, Make Planes Safer Everywhere

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Another genuine Keachie Koncept !

Google has a system for labeling images that involves having several people look at an image and type in a word which describes it. Google Image Labeling I believe it is called.

If the output from the Xray scanners at airports was made available on line, with an identifying number, then multiple people could look and if enough of them saw bomb like parts, they could flag the image. If enough people flagged it, an alarm would go off at the appropriate airport location, and the luggage could be double checked. Ther would be a $10,000 reward for each of the first five online bombspotters as an incentive. It would also make the on site spotter be more diligent

Yes, this would only work well if this country was wired up with fiber optic cables, like Japan already is. Just one more reason to do it, the sooner the better.....

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