Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Time Has Come Today.......

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Oil is going to be a huge problem.

It is already a huge problem.

****** Al Kaeda is primarily funded by the oily rich Arab countries, and ex-patriots living elsewhere. As long as oil is valuable, Al Qaeda inspired psychotics, true believers to themselves, will perform random acts of senseless violence.

****** Way too much of the average American household budget goes to oil. Not just the gas you put in your car, or the fuel you use to heat your home and water, but also all the oil used to bring goods close enough to your house so that you can buy them conveniently.

****** Burning oil does bad things to the environment.

For these three reasons alone I call on everyone, on every continent, to do their part. In particular, I call on the Democrats and Republicans in the United States Congress to begin a program comparable to the A-Bomb Manhatten Project (2.5 billion, 1939 dollars) and the moon shot (8.7 billion 1963 dollars) to research alternative energy sources (solar, etc.), and to aid in the building of nuke power plants, the fund to be split, say, 50/50. I would say 100 billion 2007 would be about right. I would also recommend that the alternative solutions, when found, be made patent free to all who wish to build them, in all countries. Please note, oh nay sayers of solar etc., neither the A-Bomb nor the Moon Shot had any guarantees of success ahead of time.

If Pelosi, Clinton, and Obama undertake such an offering, the more moderate Arabs will probably take out Osama and his followers for us. To stop Al Qaeda, our prime goal is to drop the price of oil. In WWII, no new cars were built, copper pennies were replaced with steel ones, gas was rationed, hitchhiking and busses encouraged, etc. We are so far from a "wartime footing," it is a totally joke to compare this war to WWII, except for the unfortuanates forced into the random shooting gallery known as Iraq. Bush doesn't give a damn, and neither does Cheney. Worst presidential pair ever ! Their legacy with be $9.11, the price of gas the day they leave office.

Bush and Cheney are the equivalent of Milo Minderbinder in Joseph Heller's, "Catch 22." They will be no help whatsoever, and neither will a Secretary of the Treasury, Paulson, who said today that the average working class American will be most helped by, "A tax cut for businesses...???!!!"

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