Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charter Schools are Cheaper, You Betcha!

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Cali spends $6200 per pupil per year. NY upwards oof $14000....It is amazing what gets done w/ the these lackluster funding.

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So Open a School with a class size of 20
You are the teacher, of all subjects, at all levels. you have that kinds of smarts.

$124,000 less rent of a classroom. We'll dispense with a playground, and use the public parks (done often, BTW).

You need at least 1,000 sq feet, plus a restroom. At $1/sq ft, that leaves you with $112,000. Oh, the building has to conform to all fire codes (sprinklers in ceiling, earthquake proof), be handicapped accessible, etc. to be usable as a school. You also need drop off and pickup spaces. Maybe $2/sq ft, including a bit of storage.

Did you plan to offer science or shop? Gas lines and more space needed, add another 500 sq feet at least, but fancier, so $2.50 sq/ft. $100,000 left.

How about 21 laptops at $600 each, every three years. or about $12,000/3 or $96,000 left.

How about a few books, typically $50 each per subject, times four major subjects, times 21, $91,600 left.

Art and music supplies and instruments, make the parents buy those, ooops, can't do that with the poor kids, so at least $100/kid, $89,600 left.

Now there is a little thing called liability insurance, another thing called theft and vandalism, and a whole bunch more things I don't even know the names of from the same kind of company. Do you think you could get by with less than $4,600/ I doubt it. $85,000 left.

Did you ever buy health insurance on your own, good health insurance? -$12,000 for the year. $73,000.

Did you plan on getting rich doing this, and retiring? -12,000 again, for the old nest egg. $61,000.

Were you going to take the kids on field trips, at least one with a bus? -$500 $60,500.

Ooops, light, heat, water, power for computers, phones -$6,000 $54,500.

How did you plan on getting parents to sign up?

Advertising, mailings, and your time going to every kid related event you can think of. -$4,000 $50,500 left.

What happens if you don't get 20 kids to stay the entire year, or even sign up in the first place? Can you order a lot of those items one off without incurring horrendous shipping charges? You need a reverse fund. -$5,500 won't even cover the loss of one kid.

Are you getting rich yet? Go Charter School founder, more power to you!

And how many people do you know who would be smart enough to teach all those subjects for that little money, at that high a risk? Right, NONE!

Buckle Up, Bucalum, Your Kia is the Public School down the street. The Mercedes is for sale, at $40,000/year, at Exeter Academy, where daddy Bush sent GeorgiePorgie.

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