Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Polically Correct Concepts, The Republican Versions

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Try Going Against the "Politically Correct for Republicans" issues Below:
The USA is always right.
Any Flag is .........
Private Property is ..........
The police are perfect .........
Republicans are perfect .........
Anyone or any idea not promulgated by a Republican must be bad, wrongheaded, or worse.
The environment will take care of itself.
The homeless deserve it.
The bottom end of the pay scale deserves it.
Those in medical need without coverage deserve none.
Roads will never be gridlocked.
We will always have enough food, and water doesn't have to be that clean.
Nor does food.
Mass transit must pay for itself.
Anyone not a RightThinkingRepublican is delusional.
There are no innocent victims when it comes to firearms discharged by government agents.
The military industrial complex will never bankrupt this country.
China will never reach Mars with a human first. If they do, they will never get them back.
Should Japan or China or Germany patent super cheap solar panels first, our economy will be just as prosperous as if we had.
It's OK to give banks free money, but not the mortgagees.
The schools cost too much and never give us genius employees who will work for nothing and be grateful for the chance.
I "deserve" an SUV, a golf club, and everything else you can think of.
My God is Better than Your God.

In fact, your God is dead or a liar.

And so are you.

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