Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Suspect that as the Oil Runs Out, We will Find that

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I Suspect that as the Oil Runs Out, We will Find that
the MegaCorps in the energy and motor vehicle production areas have been preparing for this for much longer than we might have guessed.

Have you noticed the really charming ads on tv from GE? They know who to hire and how much extra cash it takes to really effect a cultural change. In their case they want to be seen as the "heros" who save the day as oil nee gas becomes the uneconomical environmentally damaging fuel that it's been all along.

From the standpoint of the interlocking directorships of the major corporations (think Hillary/Walmart) they merely want two things:

To get as much money as possible out of the old technologies in which they have so much invested. This is why no new oil refineries have been built. They already knew that technology was dead years ago.

To remain in control of whatever it is that replaces those old technologies, and continues to produce cash. Like planned obsolescence, they merely want to take the slightest step upwards in energy efficiency and independence. Taking a big leap would mean they would not have the cash or the control of the technolgies involved. Many minor leaps, with the customers stuck for each upgrade, keeps them in control.

Initially, what we can expect is cars and trucks running off of solar, at a cost of about the equivalent of $6/gallon. This will seem a bargain in comparison to gasoline, which will hover around $9.11/gallon, and be used for antique vehicles by afictionados who can afford the luxury. And, of course, by the military and the New Feudal Lords, who get whatever they want, with the taxpayer footing the bill.

These people have been playing these games for 150 years now. They are getting very good at screwing the consumer and John Q. Public, and they are not going to stop out of the goodness of their hearts.

To counter act this behavior:

Let people know they are being screwed and by whom and in what ways.

Let young people know this is happening, in no uncertain terms. Then, encourage them to get educated as much as possible, so as to not only understand the mechanisms of culture, but also to have the skill sets that earn the kind of money needed to change culture, and to create the inventions we need to stabilize planet Earth.

Population stabilization is a key player here, but generally only occurs when women become educated, and, to a certain extent, "Westernized." Making underground videos available in Russia had a lot to do with the fall of the Soviet dictatorship. Making western culture available via satellite tv will probably be viewed, in the ancient future, as the number one item, just after Internet access, that brought about population stabilization.

BTW, even just one nuke going off, anywhere on the planet, will be catastrophic, so that fear is still right there, at least for us older folks. because if one goes off, you cannot prove who set it off, or where it came from. Most importantly, since you can't prove A and B, you have NO IDEA WHEN AND WHERE the NEXT ONE might blow.

Consider, for example, some part of the Iranian desert goes up. Was it their lab, or a plant by the USA? The evidence one way or the other would be destroyed, in the explosion itself. How could you prove there wasn't a lab located underneath Tehran, to make this even twichier? That's where I'd put it, if I were Iranian. very hard to detect, with all the background noises. Just tunnel in from an industrial suburb, and dump the tailings into a river underwater, and keep on dredging the river.

Good Luck Everybody!

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