Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If You're Worried About Obama, Maybe You Should

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watch Current TV, on DirecTV at channel 366.

They just had a show produced by a guy who traveled to Russia to interview a NeoNazi who prides himself on yet another form of underground TV. Snuff films, against anyone they don't like, and that's just about everybody who isn't one of them, done for REAL!

I kid you not. Russia is supposedly home to 50,000 to 70,000 neoNAZI's, complete with Swastika's, who go out as gangs, and kill people at random, and make videos as they do it. Then they make duplicates and send them to their friends, who watch the DVD's on their laptops.

The guy who "starred" in this video was busted a couple of weeks later. In this case I would forgive the journalist for becoming part of the story, which I suspect he might have. I know I would have turned in these creeps.

If Obama has a hate agenda, he will be impeached. We are electing just one man here, not 535 Obama's and a Supreme Court full of Obama's. Is he going to help out the Black and minority communities? Yes. Is that morally bad or illegal?

Not as long as the help is color blind, and whites in the same socio-economic straits can get the same help. How will he do it? Not with testing a'la No Child Left Behind, but rather with educational programs that work and give students and workers a new foothold in the global economy.

Current TV is on Directv at 366. It consists of short, 2 to 16 minute long productions, made by amateurs with talent, from all over the world. The range of material is breathtaking, and a lot of it is very positive. Fresh, young, and a window on the world you don't get anywhere else. It's sort of YouTube with a quality control. ( for more information)

The point of this post? If neoNAZI's are that blatant in Russia, you can bet we probably have the full spectrum from Russia's worst to the person who secretly hopes that none of the black people getting on the plane will sit next to them. This is a problem that won't be solved in one Presidency, as Obama has said, but trying to hide it under the covers is silly.

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