Thursday, May 15, 2008

Believe in the Devil? Every bit as much as I believe in God

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Patti Ann, a Commenter on The Union Online, challenged me on my religious like beliefs, and I came up with this:

As a Optimistic Hopeful Agnostic, all thing beyond the flesh and blood biosphere will be revealed as you make the transition, if there is anything to be revealed at all. From age 13 there have been 3 possibilities:

the same
or worse

and two out of three is not bad

Given the ridiculous numbers of different people all yammering about their one and only possibilities, I take this as a sign from the Prime Cause of Existence, if Such a Person/Thing exists, to be patient, and behave in a manner that would be pleasing to such a construct, or at least behave in a way that keeps most fellow humans and myself reasonably happy. Golden Rule rediscovered, for the umpteenth time. So there you have it. Martha Stewart Style Exoduses with folded clothing and all non believers being microwaved seems like one of the odder manifestations of human creativeness in explaining the currently unknown/unknowable.

I mean really, let's say God and Jesus show up tomorrow at the Miner's Foundery and start performing all kinds of miracles, and then turned out to be aliens from Mars in disguise? How could you tell the difference? Aliens with Photoshopping morphing capabilities are not outside the realm of possibility.

Can I celebrate the possibility that some such uberGott crtter with benevolent thoughts for all of us exists? Of course, and in fact I really hope one does, and that we all have souls, or whatever, that allow us to continue existence after we hit the decayed hamburger state. Most of the time, I enjoy existing.

OK, so much for Religion 101, version 6.3 billion (one version for each person on the planet). I only answer such questions when directly asked.

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