Thursday, May 08, 2008

Is Obama "American-enough?"

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This is a portion of a response I made at The Union newspaper, to a guy questioning Obama's loyalty and 'Americaness."

When I see what I perceive as racist, and I do see your posts as racist, I react, as every "good" American should. It seems to me that if it was a shot of a drunken young Bush or McCain, failing to follow protocol, you would consider it a gaffe or faux pas. Because he's black and you are scared, you see it as an insidious plot to overthrow the entire country. I think your attitude is both silly and rude.

As I pointed out before, it would seem as though he is now "doing the body motions and words," otherwise U-Tube would have run out of space on their servers from hyper-videotaping Republicans eager to prove their ridiculous case.

In case you missed it, Obama is much more of an American than a person who goes around questioning if he is an "American," or perhaps to use his phrasing from a comment about Hillary, he is, "American-enough."

Go to his website and find some substantive issue to disagree with, and stop the ES about whether or not he is an American. By questioning whether or not an American Senator is an American or not, you drown yourself in obvious stupidity. He's been carded already, he's an American, trust in your government to have done the background checks, after all this is still a Republican administration...

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