Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Make a Deal --> Visiting Workers for Idiots on Both Sides of the Borders

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I'm still hot for my ship off of Acapulco which serves as the place where working visitors to the USA can receive the rest of their cash.

This is all, of course, tied into major fines for those who hire illegals without the appropriate USB chip and good verification procedures.

A working visitor shows up at our border and is biometrically ID'd right down to the eyeballs and DNA, as well as the usual photos and fingerprints. The person is then given a USB storage chip that contains that info, plus a few security routines to make sure that when he or she shows up at an employer, the employer can plug it in and do a few more verifications as needed, on line.

Employee works, employer pays employee 1/2 to 2/3rd of the expected salary, less taxes, and a good health coverage plan, etc. The remainder is placed in an account that the employee can view anytime, online, at terminals at libraries and other public places. This gives the employee a place to check up and make sure that the employer is being honest and covering those bases. You'd need an ombudsman here to cover the screw-ups.

To get the rest of the money the employee has to go to Mexico, and take a trip out to the USA ship, out beyond Mexican territorial waters. The reason for this location is to keep the Mexican government out of the equation. If Mexico wants to provide a dock, and no hassles, fine, we'll use it, but we won't be over a barrel for it.

During the first year the money draws interest for the employee. During the second year it draws no interest. At the end of two years, the money goes into the general USA Social Security funds, as a hedge against the employee eventually being amnestied into citizenship. The employee then loses the money.


If the visiting worker takes steps that would improve his chances of becoming a citizen, or his value as a worker, then it is possible to:

Get an extension on the two year forfeiture clause.
Use those funds for tuition/books/computers/software in legitimate training programs.
Other items which serve the USA as much as the visiting worker, which I haven't thought of.

So, where's the problem with this scheme?

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