Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama vs Newspaper Spell Checkers, $100 Reward

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If you'd like to help Barack Obama get $100 out of my pocketbook, please read on, and send that email.

In Microsoft Word, since the beginning of time, you've been able to add new words in less than 30 seconds to the spelling dictionary. Newspaper Spell Checkers are racist. You can complain about this by writing to You can check this out by copying the stuff below into your spell checker at your local paper:

Coolidge Eisenhower Nixon Truman Taft all work fine, no red underlines.

Barack Obama, is red-lined, might as well be Osama. A complete lack of respect.

I will donate $100 to the Obama campaign once this is fixed in The Union, Grass Valley, CA, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Douglas Keachie

Please add your name and pass this on, if you think this is an issue.

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