Friday, August 15, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an on-rushing Solar Powered Train

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PGE buys 800 Megawatts, 233,000 homes, off of 9.5 sq miles of CA's 163,707.

"So what has changed too make constructing gargantuan PV power plants profitable?

“Lots of things have changed,” says SunPower’s Blunden. “Power prices are going up and public policy is requiring utilities to have a portfolio of renewables.” And after building some 40 megawatts of power plants in Spain, SunPower has been able to improve its manufacturing processes and cut costs, according to Blunden. “We could see where the cost reductions were coming down and the benefits of scale,” she says. “We saw there was a way for us to be competitive with other renewables.”

Goldstein says OptiSolar’s business model of owning the supply chain - from building its own machines to make solar cells to constructing, owning and operating power plants - will allow it to reduce costs.

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