Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sierra Debates, It's All About You, and Having It Your Way

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I am now beginning to put some flesh on these bones, and you can add in to the stew. If you have a particular neighborhood, cultural galaxy, media institution, governmental institution, blog, etc., that you'd like to post about, just write me @ Keachie101 I have deliberately moved the at sign. You'll have to stick it back in the right place to mail me correctly.

When you write me, be sure to indicate what new sub board you'd like to have, and a brief description of it, and under which board you think it should go.


Douglas Keachie

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, AKA, Webmaster for and for

PS please include a working phone number, at least a message phone, so that I can eliminate flakes easily, and avoid ID imposters.

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