Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do We Need Global Warming to Justify Wanting Clean Air?

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From the charts above, I note the following major California weather events; train stuck in Sierras, 1950. Winter Olympics at Squaw, 1960, major flooding Marin, 1982, hyper rain Jan 1997

Of late I've been delving into the sun induced global warming theorists, who claim the sun is getting either hotter or cooler, which is making the Earth hotter or cooler, but it is not even clear to me yet if they mean a hotter sun gets you a cooler earth, or vs. versa. One thing is for sure, the Japanese, have no less than 5 satellites watching the sun (they don't even have to wait for the sun to rise) and a body of data is being built up. Instead of relying on indirect measurements on Earth, we should have data from space to get closer to an answer on this issue.

But, for me this is all beside the point. I want clean air. Gas cars make dirty air, and so whatever comes along the gives us clean air, I am in favor of pursuing. I'd even consider a church that said God wants clean air and water as a top priority. I like clean water too, and plenty of it. Civilization, as the Greek culture has understood for many centuries, begins with a cool glass of fresh, clean water.

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