Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Microsoft Trashes Firefox, Moving to Opera, Linux?

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Microsoft moved an addin into Firefox which has left in vulnerable, and in my case, unfixable. History no longer works. Eudora has also just been kicked out of being my primary email, in favor of Outlook, and Eudora can't change the registry back. Thank you, Microsoft!

just like the good old days when Windows first came out, with a deliberate timed cripple against WordPerfect which got progressively worse until it was unusable. Linux is looking better again, and with swappable drives so easy to arrange these days, I may go there. One to boot to Windows for the apps that use it, another to boot to Linux for all communications with the Internet, Email and Web, and possibly two different machines, the laptop for web, the desktop for heavy duty graphics, and a network storage device, accessable from both.

And to think Microsoft want us to pay for System 7?

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Dave said...

Swappable drives is an option. A much easier solution is virtualbox or vmware - running Windows inside of Linux. Works beautiful. Might need to add a memory chip.