Monday, October 12, 2009

Adobe Serial Numbers Hacked, Good Disks on EBAY, BAD DEAL!

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Some ring somewhere appears to have cracked the algorithm that Adobe installs on its CDs to check a serial number at the time of the install.

By purchasing software that has already been installed, good disks and boxing materials, and then providing a counterfeit serial number that passes the algorithm, the software installs and runs fine until you are connected to the internet. Then the product crashes and demands a new serial number purchase.

Adobe could give legitimate sellers of their software on eBay a special seal of approval, or EBay could ban the sale of any of the current CS3 and CS4 products on eBay, but they don't.

They could also replace their Indian tech support workers with real American English speaking Americans, but they don't. Spent three days with them trying to get my legitmate copy of CS3 Master Collection to reinstall, major, major hassle.


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