Sunday, October 04, 2009

Making Conservatives' Skins Crawl, Obama's Got them Quirming

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I don't know what upsets conservies more:

The fact that Obama as a person is obviously smarter and richer and more talented than they are,


the fact that his election means that the conservies are very definitely now a MINORITY in this country themselves?

Which is it, conservies?

Our military, roads, postal service, K12 schools, are all socialistic.

The transcontinental railroad was built with funding from the government.

We didn't buy our first nukes from GE.

Most police forces are socialistic.

Even within socialism their is still room for fedEx UPS and others.

There is still room for private schools.

You can still wire up and arm your residence like Fort Knox.

The term "socialism" is just used as short hand for "I hate the fact that Obama is President."

Get used to it. We'll elect him again in 2012.

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