Sunday, November 08, 2009

277FOTO Covers Yuba River Charter School's 2009 Moondance

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I took some great photos at the Moondance, put on by the Yuba River Charter School, last night, November 7th, 2009. The event took place at the Nevada City Miners' Foundry. You can see the entire batch as I put them up, at . The images will be in the Set, a Flickr term for Album, Moondance 2009, so do a search within Keachie's photostream. There are 11 photos there now, and there will be at least 100 more added over the next week or two. Redeye removal, cropping, and color adjustments take time.

Douglas Keachie, your friendly village photographer.

PS, I also took some middlin' pictures, which will be posted too, so everyone gets to see themselves. If you'd rather an image not be posted, please let me know. 277FOTO is a local cell, as well as a soon to be active, website.

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