Sunday, November 01, 2009

Online Consumers vs MegaCorps, Score, 0 to 99

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After a couple of years, I've had a new occasion file a major complaint about a product. Last time I did this there were many sites for consumers to blow off steam, and educate one another. Made the Mega Corps mad, and what they couldn't stop legally, they bought out, by grabbing the websites. Many of them were on the order of The one from Home Depot was particularly choice, with hundreds of pages of horror stories, both from employess and customers. Today the site is still up, and at first glance it looks like they are going strong. Look closely, nothing newer than 2005, none of the disgruntled employees, etc. It's a camouflaged buyout.

Epson makes no bones about it. goes directly to a site that directs you to all the normal Epson sites. So here I am, the only place to post about an Epson Artisan 810 that just won't go after printing 10 pages total since new is here. Technorati will index it so other consumers can find it? Used to, not any more. Not unless you have established a following of at least several hundred. Less than that, and they don't even index your site any more. The promise of the Internet to help consumers is being destroyed, quietly, so as to not disturb the buying public.

The Consumerist , used to be great. Now you can't comment unless you are witty and creative and approved by their "board." Their content is now all largely coupons, and stories that have already hit the newswires. You want to post something new about a problem with a printer, FAT CHANCE! Now it is one big ad for Consumers reports. Those that started these sites are probably living well on their buyouts....the American Way strikes again.

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