Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Have Issues with FedEX of Oroville

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For some crazy crazy reason, from time to time, FedEx get a wild hare up their pasture, and instead of shipping from Sacto to Grass Valley, 20 minutes from here, they ship the stuff to Oroville. Case in point, an Epson Artsan 810 printed makes it from Indianapolis to Sacto in three days. Instead of shipping it to Grass Valley, they send it off to Oroville, where they make trips every now and then up to North San Juan. Net result, it is now 5 days since the package hit Oroville, and it is still yet to show here.

I hate Fed Ex when they lie about communications with their trucks. I sign for a package and the truck can barely make it to highway 49 before the fact that I just signed for it shows up on my computer. For them to claim it is only one way, and only consisted of drop off information, is a total and complete LIE. Those trucks are linked by private radio networks, and have at a minimum their version of texting, if not full two way voice communication, either via private radio, or more likely now, via cell phone. It is very unproductive for America to have people hanging around home base all day, waiting for stuff with no assurance that it will even show.

I'm also sure the trucks all have GPS units that show where they are. They deny that too.

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