Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Geiger Counter Readings are Worthless for Internal Body Particles

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Took care of potassium iodine three days ago, Centrum has a 100% dose. Steven Chu, Nobel prize winning Energy Secretary was up to 2:30 am as well. I was ordering face masks.

The idiots on CNN are discussing why radiation is "not so bad."

They totally miss the difference between background radiation, and the radiation from one small particle, lodged at one spot in your lungs. A few random hits hither and yon, no problem from backkground radiation. Millions of hits on a few cells next to a particle directly affects their DNA and RNA and causes mutations, AKA cancers.

Background radiation and that particle may have the exact same readings on a Geiger counter, but the particle can kill you, because it keeps working away on the cells right next to it.

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